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Install SM Bus Controller Drivers in Lenovo® PC

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Lenovo PCs deliver high-performance, no wonder they are a favorite with most users who are looking for a performance-oriented PC. The SM Bus controller is a communication device, which a system uses to manage different parts of hardware. The hardware parts used in power management are managed by the SM Bus controller and are present in the motherboard of the laptop PC. It can be used to transfer data between the processor and the different devices. For the proper working of hardware devices, you need to install the respective device driver. Driver is a software program needed for the faultless working of a hardware device; they act as interface between the hardware device and the operating system.

Following are the tips to find and install drivers for SM Bus controller drivers:

  • Take SM Bus controller details

Firstly, you need to know about the SM Bus controller present in the system. In order to take the details, look in the Device Manager. Follow the steps as mentioned here:

  • Access the Control Panel and choose ‘Performance and Maintenance’.
  • Click ‘System’ and choose the ‘Hardware’ tab present there.
  • Click on the ‘Device Manager’ and expand the System devices.
  • Click ‘SM Bus controller’ and select the ‘Properties’ option.
  • Get the model name and the manufacturer’s name and note the details of the chipset.
  • Download and install

After getting the manufacturer’s name, enter the chipset website. Look for the driver there. Select the driver that is compatible to the particular operating system that you have installed. Check the chipset here too. Click on the ‘Download’ link present here to start the process. Save the set-up file in a safe location in your PC and Run it. Follow the instructions to complete the process. If prompted, restart your computer and let the installation take effect.

  • Things to remember

You need to be very careful while downloading and installing the drivers. There are many third-party websites that provide downloadable links for SM Bus controller driver. Not all are genuine and may provide you the wrong driver file. Also, you may give virus and malware infections easy entry to enter your PC and cause you harm. Therefore, it is always recommended that you prefer to access the chipset manufacturer’s website for the best deal. In addition, you need to keep the system free from all types of malware threats as they can cause interruption during the installation process. You should also make sure that the system doesn’t have any old driver for SM Bus controller. If there is any installed yet, uninstall it first and then attempt to install the new driver.

If you ensure these before you start the installation process, the process will definitely be successful. If at all you face any issue still, call iYogi tech experts instantly on our toll free number and let our technician handle the situation for you. We are just a call away, so call us as per your convenience…

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